Johnny Ireland has formed a band called "The Sensitones" to help back up his music.  They are currently in the process of rehearsing material off the lastest release "Marble",  as well as classic tunes from the debut release "Welcome To The New Millennium, Bloke!".  No longer are the days  of acoustic bliss ( lest on a few intimate settings in local pubs ), "The Sensitones" hope to be in action by summer of 2009.  Look out for upcoming shows for Johnny Ireland & The Sensitones, as they will be appearing soon at a location near you!  Check out the band member's bios, as well as Johnny Ireland's musical historical tree.

Johnny Ireland's current band is called the Sensitones. Select any of the links to see more detailed biographies. The current line up is as follows:

Johnny Ireland - vox, acoustic and electric guitars
Paul Grano - lead acoustic/electric guitar, loyal
Jawn Long - drums/percussion, good vibes
David Cotton - acoustic guitar, percussions, backing vox
Patrick Williams - bass, backing vox

Date News Title
August  17, 2009
Name change!
Johnny want's to be known as remove the ny please!
July  23, 2009
Another potential for band name..
The boys discover another name for the band
July  20, 2009
Johnny Ireland's CDS now on iTunes!
Apple Computers iTunes services now has...
July  14, 2009
Sensitones renamed to...
Name change of backup band...
July  9, 2009
Johnny Ireland chooses Crystalphonic Recording Studio to provide mastering services
Long search for mastering house produces exceptional results...
June  29, 2009
The Sensitones decide to change name!
The boys in the band decided...
June  8, 2009
Lonely Man CD mastering session finally set!
CD mastering session finally has been set for...
June  1, 2009
Upcoming CD finally gets a title!!!
Finalization of CD Title and artwork...
May  5, 2009
Sensitones V3 Being Built!
Johnny Ireland's backing band is being revamped...
May  4, 2009
Johnny Ireland quits Brainfang
Due to overwhelming shows...
April  5, 2009
Third CD almost completed!
Johnny Ireland's long-awaited third cd is nearing completion...
April  4, 2009
Web site updated!
The website has been updated to new technologies.
May  22, 2008
Venusiian Recording Studios Moves!!
All the way....downstairs...
May  21, 2008
Third album almost finished...
Much awaited third album sees recording end...
January  1, 2007
Johnny Ireland opens Venusiian Media Studios!
A New Breed of Media Studio